Love of Life: The Theory and Practice of Biophilia

2023. május 24. - 24.
Love of Life: The Theory and Practice of Biophilia

In this interactive podium discussion, we bring together scientists, artists, and theoreticians to discuss how a concept like biophilia inherently transcends all disciplinary and epistemological barriers. Biology is the study of life – is it as simple as that? Can we transfer our biological and zoological insights to a realm traditionally held to be part of sociology: to study the ambiguous and elusive, perennial, yet utterly dynamic phenomenon known as urban life?

Art, itself being in intimate relation with the transcendent, might be the appropriate setting for such a transdisciplinary endeavor. But when we immerse ourselves into this hybridity, do we still find art and science intact and separate? Or will they cease, transform and reemerge as life itself? Let's find out!

Dániel BARABÁSI, PhD candidate, Harvard Biophysics Program (exhibiting artist)
Balázs CSIZIK, artist and visual communication expert, Urbanum (exhibiting artist)
Ferenc JORDÁN PhD, biologist and network scientist, University of Parma
Ajay NADIG, MD-PhD candidate, Harvard Medical School
Moderator: Géza KULCSÁR PhD, writer and urban researcher, Urbanum
The event will be held in English.
The entry is free.